An official letter from President Shukri al-Quwatli to Prime Minister Said al-Ghazzi, signed June 4, 1956

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In it, the President accepts the Prime Minister’s resignation, thanking him for the efforts he had made while serving in office. Ghazzi’s second tenure as premier, the first under Hashem al-Atasi and the second under Quwatli, was one of the finest in modern Syrian history. He was an independent politician who worked with all political parties, including radicals within the Baath Party, and walked the tightrope with the Syrian Army, curbing the ambitions of Syrian officers. He purged the courts from all impartial conduct, making sure that they were unrelated in any manner to political life, and oversaw the last truly honest parliamentary elections in Syria. Due to his reputation he was one of the few politicians who was not arrested or harassed during the many coups that rocked Syria in 1949-1966