The founding conference of the Syrian-Palestinian Congress in Geneva in August 1921

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Image Source: Hasan al-Hakim Library

The Syrian-Palestinian Congress was the first serious attempt at challenging the French and British Mandates in the Middle East. It was called for in Geneva by a group of Syrian, Palestinian, and Lebanese exiled nationalists, headed by Prince Michel Lutfallah and bankrolled by Sharif Hussein, the King of the Hijaz. From left to right: Suleiman Kanaan, Tawfic Fayed, Najib Shuqayr, Amin al-Tamimi, Taan al-Imad, Assistant Secretary General of the Congress Tawfic al-Yazagi, Secretary-General Emir Shakib Arslan, Vice-President Mohammad Rashid Rida, Congress President Prince Michel Lutfallah, Vice-President Tawfic Hammad, George Yousef Salem, Ihsan al-Jabiri, Shibli al-Jamal, Salah Izziddine, Riad al-Sulh, Wahba al-Issa