A delegation of Syrian MPs taking a souvenir photo with King Faisal II of Iraq during a visit to Baghdad in 1956

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From left to right: The first three figures are unknown, Damascus MP and Baath Party co-founder Salah al-Bitar - four additional unknown figures - Damascus MP and President of the Social Cooperative Party Faisal al-Asali - Deputy Speaker of the Syrian Parliament Mohammad al-Ayesh - Baath Party chief and Hama MP Akram al-Hawrani - Aleppo MP Ihsan al-Jabiri - King Faisal II of Iraq - Homs MP and Foreign Minister Faydi al-Atasi - Prince Abdul Illah the Regent of Iraq - Homs MP Adnan Hashem al-Atasi - unknown - Ex-Prime Minister and Aleppo MP Maarouf al-Dawalibi