King Hussein of Jordan visiting premises of the industrial complex company, al-Khumasieh in 1956

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Front row (from left to right): Prime Minister Sabri al-Asali, People's Party founder Rushdi al-Kikhiya, King Hussein of Jordan, CEO of al-Khumasieh Bader al-Din Diab, Interior Minister Ali Buzzo, Jordanian Prime Minister Tawfiq Abu al-Huda Pasha, Director of al-Khumasieh and shareholder Abdulhamid Diab. Standing behind Prime Minister Asali is President of the Journalists Syndicate and editor-in-chief of al-Ayyam, Nasuh Babil. Standing behind Interior Minister Buzzo is the national leader Fakhri al-Barudi, with al-Khumasieh founders Adel al-Khuja and Anwar Kutob. In the back row (left to right): Munir al-Mahayni, Supply Minister Nuri al-Ibish, Damascus Chamber of Commerce Board Member Badr al-Din al-Shallah (wearing fez), the journalist Mutih al-Nuni, founder of the Arab East Bank Nu'man al-Azhari, Colonel Yusuf Tahhan, Colonel Abdul Majid Najjar.